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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 7, 2009 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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and number five, the horn frogs. >> horn frogs and bearcats. >> all they're waiting for is to have somebody knock off texas. you mentioned the a and m game at the end of the year. >> in the stocking position but key point to remember about cincinnati was the fact that west virginia, illinois and pittsburgh are still ahead. it is a tough row ahead. here's frazier, deep middle, incomplete. clock stops at 1:21. i just think that we have to tip our hat to uconn here tonight. you and lisa have talked about the tragedy they've had to deal with with the death of jasper
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howard, the tough games they've been in and yet, there's something about a group of kids who don't quit. life is not easy and sometimes never fair and you learn how to deal with it and my hat's off to how they hung in he tonight and they're still coming. that was easily taken down by battle. >> the resiliency of this program has been on display the last few weeks and we have to step back and have a real appreciation of this program. >> absolutely. frazier got an open target and his big tig e across midfield. that's ryan griffin, red shirt freshman, out of new jersey. outstanding young player and certainly be hearing more about him in stores.
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todman, , only a sophohomomore g back. here's frazier rifling one. throwing theall beautifully on this. pennsylvania.ut of johnstow >> attack the middle of the uc defense, sitting back and preventing what their safety i deep. frazier finding plenty to work with. >> good time behind that big, offensive line. dropping it out to todman, the running back. he's inside the 10 yard line with 21 seconds. >> we've talked so much about all the offensive fireworks. i'm walking away from this one as impressed with jorn todman as i am with anybody on this field tonight. >> he's a ne looking football player. >> sure is. layer. >> kirk: sure is.
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>> short week for cincinnati. they have to get ready for west virginia on friday night. end zone, touchdown. huskies go for one more. marcus easley out of stratford, connecticut. he's a senior. >> that's been kind of the whole in this uc defense. he gets the linebacker, isolated, one-on-one. confusion with the route and easily slips behind jk schafer. nice patience by zach frazer. >> tacks on the extra point. so if you like offense, you've come to the right place tonight.
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we've had 16 scores, five field goals and this was the 11th touchdown of this football game. >> well designed play, the tight end, ryan griffin, went to the corner, occupied a linebacker, there was confuse late by rebels who went out to take the running back. he got right behind him. perfect call. him. perfect call. >> abc tuesday, the number one new drama has arrived. abc's "v." all new on abc. tuesday, 8:00, 7:00 central. all new on abc. 13 seconds left. 13 seconds left and the onside kick is coming up. >> this adds, if they're unable
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to get this and end up losing this game, they're four losses coming into tonight by a combined 13 points. imagine having five losses by a combin combined 15 points. >> it is amazing to me that when you would have thought that connecticut might have reached its breaking point facing this fire power here tonight that back they came and yet again, they're down by only two points. >> get a buy week next week, which couldn't come at a better time for this team after everything they've been through. >> they were the 16-point understo underdog in this game. largest crowd in nippert history and they've enjoyed it and they hope to move up to number four, but i think they're going to be a little uneasy.
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leaving uconn in this game with west virginia, illinois and pittsburgh still to come. >> like i said, cincinnati doesn't have to apologize for their fense. they can play with alabama, florida, texas, all the power houses out there. the one thing that these teams at the top of the bcs standings have, they play pretty good defee. texas, alabama, florida. those teams get after it on the defensive side of the football. >> as witnessed in that slug fest today between alabama and lsu. fielded ere, a 41 yard line. that's going to do it. howard, here comes the victory formation. so collaros can wind up 29 of 37
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for 480 yards. one touchdown passing, no interceptions. he scored two more touchdowns rushing and he rushed for 75 more yards. he accounted for 500 yards of offense here tonight. >> what a performance. one of the best that college football has seen in 2009 by any quarterback. >> absolutely remarkable. >> remember as we check in with lisa and coach kelly. >> what did you just say to randy? >> i said those guys just battled so hard. it's an incredible story that they've been able to fight so hard. we had the game in balance this and they kept playing hard. two good teams playing hard tonight. >> when they were down nine, less than a minute to go and
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they come marching down the field and score again? >> that we probably need to make a play. you know, 700-something yards in total offense, and our defense has won a lot of games this year. >> you were up by 20 at the half. what changed for you guys? >> they ran the ball down our throats. more physical at the line of scrimmage and made some big plays and our offense responded when we needed to. >> i said to you at halftime, good luc answering questions tomorrow and who your quarterback's going to be going forward. who is going to be your starting quarterback going forward? >> we've got two number ones. i don't think i'm going to make a decision on that because i don't have to. >> again, everyone knows iowa
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lost this afternoon. what are you going to tell your guys about the chances of playing in the bcs national championship. >> they've got to win a few more games. >> thank you very much, coach. guys? >> he's also a very good analyst. they came in only having giving up nine points a game. cincinnati still sits atop the big east at 5-0, but the panthers are tied with them. so cincinnati must deal with the power in the big east conference. that's still ahead. >> absolutely. thinking about what they've accomplished, they deserve to be fired up about their accomplishments. some tough games way head. >> thanks for watching. now we're going to take you to
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times square for the ford wrap-up. take it away. ders and smooth jesse palmer. take it away, john. >> thanks a lot, guys and welcome to the "ford wrap-up." the iowa hawkeyes, a lot of people concerned the guys can run the table in the big ten. they've been playing on the edge week in and week out. stanzi's squad taking on northwestern today. he gets sacked for a touchdown. >> four big turnovers on the day for iowa would lead to 14 points for northwestern. >> number two texas and mack brown, they know this much. keep winning and on to the national championship game. 88 yard touchdown. >> cold mccoy, 470 yards passed.
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273 yards. >> texas wonders, will they face alabama or florida. alabama had a chance to wrap up the sec west today as they took on lsu. he goes 73 yards. >> julio jones for texas, 102 yards, alabama's defense was dominant. >> so alabama's headed to the sec championship game where they will f face the number one teamn the nation, florid 25 yards on this touchdown run. florida up so-0. >> 15-20, big completion there. >> this is going to be the seventh time florida and alabama have met in the sec championship game. last year, florida was able to pull this onout. >> this is going to be a great match-up. it's the dream match-up. florida, alabama, seventh time now in the sec title game.
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both teams so similar. they played great defense, both want to run the ball. i think this game comes down to the team that's most efficient at running the ball. tim tebow, much better defense he's facing this year. >> and if texas keeps winning, it will be texas against the winner. winning that be the winner of the s.e.c. championship game. this has been the ford wrap-up. hi!
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details about the deadly attack at fort hood and the men and women who lost their lives. among the victims, and local husband and father. >> very sad. >> we have the latest on the shooting. >> today, we will reform health care in the house of representatives. >> house of representatives
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works late into the night. we are following breaking news tonight from capitol hill. moments ago, house lawmakers voted to pass the health care bill. john gonzalez has been tracking the developments. >> you can call this congress's version of saturday night fever, a rare saturday session. finally, minutes after 11:00, the historic vote was made. the health-care bill promising to vote provide coverage to millions of americans has passed. the rhetoric on the house side of the capital tonight echoed the contentious debate over the past summer. at times, it was heated, but in the and democrats and president prevailed. -- the president and democrats
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prevailed in the end. >> don't tax me to pay for health care that you guys want. pay for it yourself. it is not fair to pass your bill to mend my grandchildren. >> conservatives from both sides of the aisle joined forces opposing -- imposing tough new restrictions on abortion coverage. a >> today, we will reform health care for america in the house. >> republican leaders claimed the 2000 page legislation will cost one trillion dollars over the next decade. >> at a time when americans are concerned about the enomy and jobs, why would congress continue down a path of promoting policies that will kill jobs in america? >> it provides federal subsidies for those who cannot afford health care but slaps consumers and businesses with penalties if
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they are denied. the president called this a big moment in history. >> i urge members of congress to rise to this moment and vote yes for health insurance reform for america. >> the president got his wish. republicans remained near the uned. the most contentious issue, a government run plan that would be offered alongside a private coverage which faces multiple hurdles on the senate vote which may not happen until the cheer. john -- until next year. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. moments ago, house speaker nancy pelosi spoke about the vote. >> without president obama in the white house, this victory would not have been possible. he provided division and the momentum to get the job done for the american people. >> we will have much more on the vote tomorrow.
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the suspect in the mass shooting at for hood is off a ventilator but remains in intensive care. president obama will travel to texas tuesday to attend a memorial service for the victims. 13 people were killed, 29 wound in the worst shooting ever on u.s. military base. john henry has the latest. >> investigators could soon have a clear motive for the fort hood shooting. it alleged gunmen nidal hasan has been in a military hospital in san antonio, paralyzed, on a respirator, and not able to speak to the police until now. now that the army psychiatrist is breathing on his own, investigators hope he will explain why he allegedly gunned down 13 people. including colleagues on the army combat stress team. what about the other suspects who were questioned and released after the shooting? cleared.
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>> all evidence at this point in the case there was only one shooter who acted alone. >> that is little solace to families, who remember a gentle 19-year-old probably heading to afghanistan. >> he now serves a higher calling in heaven. >> president oama said it revealed both the worst and best in human nature. >> with the soldiers and civilians alike rushing to the aid of fallen soldiers, using blouses as tourniquets, taking on the shooter even as they bore wounds themselves. >> the president will have the chance to meet those soldiers himself tuesday when he comes here to pay his respects to the wounded and fallen. one of those killed in the mass shooting was from our area. eduardo caraveo was from woodbridge.
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richard reeve spoke with neighbors and friends who remembered him as a good man and father. >> eduardo caraveo was a husband and father who counseled troubled army soldiers. he was slated to go to afghanistan, but first was assigned to fort hood texas where he arrived just 24 hours before the shooting began. the neighborhood isuiet tonight. >> it hits close to home. it' hard. >> neighbors and friends are mourning the loss of eduardo caraveo, among the 13 people killed thursday. >> it is part of what we do and who we are. >> caraveo was 52 in a major in the army. he was in the national guard almost 10 years. >> it is a terrible tragedy. i feel for his family. >> joyce carter retired after 20 years in the military is trying to understand the motive is of the alleged gunman, nidal hasan.
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>> there is a lot of stress and maybe we do not realize that and they did not have the ability to cope. >> caraveo was due to ship out to afghanistan. at home, he was a clinical psychologist. his web page detailed his counseling workshops. >> very family-oriented. he would play soccer with his boys and children. >> for many families, military and otherwise, the hardest part is trying to explain this to their kids. >> very tight knit community, and eduardo was a key part of that. we will miss him. >> caraveo did many things. he was born in mexico, with the school in arizona, raised his family in virginia. one neighbor told me, "we are just devastated." richard reeve, abc 7 news. breaking news from northwest
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washington. a 51-year-old woman died in an attempted lopper -- attempted robbery at a liquor store in northwest. the woman was shot in the neck. the suspect ran from the scene and is still on the loose. more than one dozen people were overcome by carbon monoxide fumes at a prince george's county chuh. to happen at around 6:30 saturday evening at st. bernard's church in riverdale. several people reported feeling faint and dizzy. a woman and two children were taken to hospital. others were treated at the scene. they say the problem was with the boiler in the church. more people in our tracks county are protected against the swine flu, the county holding and h1n1 vaccine clinic in fairfax, the vaccine given to pregnant women and children between 6 months and 18 years old or clinics will be held
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tuesday and thursday. a medical examiner is trying to determine why a freshman at the virginia military institute' died. 19-year-old john evans of highland, maryland, collapsed in his barracks this morning. he was a member of the marine rotc program. hundreds of volunteers spent this saturday searching for the virginia tech student who has been missing three weeks, searching the three square-mile area for 20-year-old morgan harrington, last seen october 19 at a concert. searchers have not come up with any new leads. fairfax county police are looking for the hit and run driver who struck a pedestrian and annandale. -- in annandale around 9:00 last night. he was hit by a car that did not stop. the victim was then hit by a second car that stopped.
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the police say the hit and run driver may have been driving a chrysler with a missing driver side mirror. a man had to be rescued from his car after an early morning accident in alexandria around 3:30 a.m. on the southbound side of interstate 395 near duke street. authorities said the car crashed into a guard rail. the man was trapped. a fire inside of the car made the situation trickier. >> when we arrived on the scene, the driver was conscious. we heard him yelling. by the time we broke the window, it was 30 seconds he was unconscious. >> the man was on fire when he was rescued. he was taken to hospital and his condition is not known. a virginia state trooper was also taken the hospital for burns to his hands. a great start to the weekend with lots of sunshine. will it stick around? meteorologist steve rudin has a first look at the forecast.
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>> it has been an easy day in the weather center, lots of sunshine, thetemperatures where they should be this time of year. it looks like a repeat tomorrow. outside, the temperatures, 47 hagerstown, reagan national 53 degrees. it satellite radar, clear skies from the mountains to the beaches. the temperatures fall from the upper 30's to the low 40's. coming up, the forecast tomorrow, how long the sunshine will stick around, and the next cold front. pamela? thank you. coming up, a tornado leaves behind a path of destruction in the northwest. plus, honoring the heroes of united flight 93. find out how those who wrote the passengers to stop the hijacker from carrying out their plan will be remembered. and the mother of a man accused of going on a rampage in florida speaks out. (announcer) what the world needs now is energy.
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the man of -- the man accused of opening fire in our land was in court saturday. the judge ordered jason rodriguez to be held without
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bail. a police say he went to his former office and shot six people, killing one. >> i would like to respect our privacy. i'm very sorry. it was very hurtful. >> his mother said he suffers from mental problems. the five wounded are expected to survive. they broke ground today on a permanent memorial for those who died on september 11 to honor the 40 victims on flight 93 to stop the hijackers from carrying out their plan. the 200 acre park and shanksville will feature a park with wind chimes. it is said to be completed on september 11, 2011. people in oregon are cleaning up after a tornado that raced through lincoln city last night, tearing roofs from homes
12:02 am
and shattering windows. there were high winds today at 45 m.p.h. and people in the area said they saw a large waterspout causing flooding. around here, we have enjoyed a beautiful day. >> a huge difference, all the active whether concentrated to the west. for us, high pressure remains a relatively quiet and somewhat boring weather forecast more. i cannot think we have any complaints when we see what is on the way. pennsylvania avenue, busy night at the u.s. capitol. mostly clear skies, the temperatures slowly dropping into the 30's and 40's. sterling, va., 46 degrees. the high temperatures have reset since have past midnight. at 49 degrees in arlington, gw university 54 degrees. no rain to speak of, and it
12:03 am
looks like that will remain out of the forecast the next couple of days. 60 degrees the high temperature at reagan national, a morning low of 35. the record, 77 degrees, 1975. in the mountains, it is cooler, 30 degrees and west for jicama 45 gaithersburg, fairfax 51. the mild air bills to the south and west. this is on the way tomorrow and monday. then a cold front late tuesday brings the pull down for the day wednesday, the high back into the 50's. hardly any clouds to speak of at the delmarva beaches and the mountains. quiet forecast tomorrow. lots of sunshine, high temperature near 70 degrees. a high-pressure just off the coast continues to slowly drift to the east, lots of sunshine tomorrow and monday.
12:04 am
increasing clouds tuesday. the forecast, mostly clear overnight, the temperatures in the north and west suburbs around 35-38 degrees. within the beltway, 40-42, the wind out of the south at 5-10. mostly sunny in the morning, the temperatures rebound into the 40's and 50's. by the afternoon, nearly perfect, near 70 degrees, mostly sunny skies. the wind changes direction out of the north and west. that does not allow us to cool down a lot more. it looks like a repeat performance monday. the extended outlook, upper 60's, the cold front late tuesday night into early wednesday morning. could see a straight share our -- could see a stray showers, but overall nice days through friday. >>


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